Is there too much Solar in California?

Is there too much Solar in California?With sunshine covering the southern portion of the Golden State over 70 percent of the year, it is hard to argue that solar energy is the smartest, sustainable energy source in Southern California. The region’s swelling population and rising energy costs spurs energy and environmental experts to promote the further use of solar energy. Solar energy is a relatively mature alternative energy technology that may be implemented at varying levels to suit many different budgets. Here are some of the well documented benefits as well as the number one recognized barrier to exploiting solar energy.

Benefits Of Using Solar California

Solar energy is free and abundant in Southern California, and they are two of the most obvious benefits of using the energy source. Yes, California has been known over the years for its generous resources like gold, minerals, and oil, but its sunshine is arguably its most sustainable energy source. No one has to worry about depleting supplies of sunshine or conserving the resource for future generations.

Solar energy is also a clean energy source which is greatly needed in a region with large metropolitan areas like Los Angeles and San Diego. It is a well-known fact that one of the few things that casts a dark cloud upon living in Los Angeles is the smog that often conceals the otherwise fantastic view of the beautiful, surrounding mountains. With the regular, widespread use of solar energy, it seems that the population in the cities could reduce the amount and severity of the smog present there.

Solar California has become a movement and not just a smart energy source. Most people with photovoltaic power systems generate far more energy than they consume, and they are entitled to certain energy credits from California power companies. These energy smart home owners still do not get compensated the full amount of what their excess energy is worth, but they have come up with many creative ways to use the energy to their advantage. One woman wants to sell her energy to electric car owners for a small fee.

Barriers To Using Solar Energy

The cost of solar in California still prohibits most home owners from getting these power systems. About ten years ago, people took out home equity loans to purchase San Diego solar energy systems and ones in San Bernandino. However, the mortgage lending landscape has changed, and these smart uses of home equity have been negatively affected. However, Los Angeles solar installers recently experienced a boom in business because of the rebates and tax credits offered to homeowners who have solar power systems installed. The Los Angeles solar installers and San Diego solar energy installers may have enjoyed the increased business, but the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power received so many rebate requests that they had to temporarily suspend the program until they revamped their infrastructure and the program’s terms to accommodate the orders.

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