Where Do We Stand With The California Solar Initiative?

California is the Sunshine State, and it only makes sense to try and switch over to as much solar power as possible. So, in order to tempt businesses and homeowners to try and generate more solar power, California solar incentives have been created, such as the California solar rebates that are offered by the California Solar Initiative, originally a $3.3 billion program.

What is the California Solar Initiative?

The California Solar Initiative is a program throughout the state that offers cash back to people who install solar panels on their home property or on their businesses. The goal was to reach 1,750 MW of regular, installed solar energy gathering. These California solar rebates give extra incentive to residents, showing that not only can they lower their power bills, but also earn additional rewards when it comes time to pay taxes or to sell their houses. A house that can generate at least some of its own power is one that will be worth more.

All residents have to do to claim their California solar incentives is to have the proper paperwork filled out by their installers and by the power company. Once the panels and the system are online and working the paperwork will be submitted to the state. The state will look over the paperwork and promptly give rebates to the owners of the property that chose to install a solar power system. It really is just that simple.

Where Do I Get The Details?

If you want to participate in the California Solar Initiative, then you need to visit their website at www.gosolarcalifornia.ca.gov and see what options you have available to you in your area and with your business or home size. This site lists all of the rebates you have available as a participant, the steps you need to take, and it even provides a list of reliable solar installers so that residents know they’re dealing with someone that is legitimate and on the level. Additionally the FAQ page will help you handle all of the questions that you might have about what other solar initiatives are available, and how you apply for them.

The California Solar Initiative is still going strong, despite declines of as much a 38% of the rebate value in certain parts of the state. It also as a side effect, appears to have spurred a 40% growth in California solar projects.

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